Monday, May 10, 2010

Poinsett State Park, South Carolina. Part II. The RV Campground.

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On now to Poinsett State Park’s campground. Turn right and drive up the hill. Yes, “hill”! It’s quite steep here. Poinsett proper is only 1,000 acres. But it includes areas nearly 300 feet in elevation. And other areas that are below sea level.

That makes for steep grades like the one you’ll experience driving up to the campground. And a few other spots we’ll visit in the next post. It’s also part of the explanation of the diversity of the area, I suppose.

campground sign Here’s the campground entrance sign. Much like those at every Park I’ve visited. Be sure to stop to read the notices. In case something’s posted that campers should know about.

This campground, like Lee’s, is divided into two loops. The first loop, with sites 1 through 24, are equipped with both water and electricity. The second loop’s sites, from 25 to 50, have water only and a more rustic or primitive atmosphere.

site example As at Lee, Little Pee Dee, and many other Parks in this area, the campsites are hard-packed sand. But for some reason, the sand in this area makes a harder surface than that at Little Pee Dee, or even Lee. I had no difficulty maneuvering the Aliner’s little front wheel on this site.

The sand here too seems different that that I’ve seen in other Parks. It’s more reddish in color. Maintenance, of course, is a challenge. Poinsett’s sites are raked, not blown with an electric or gas blower. That may make a difference.

site 17 a This is site # 17. It’s a pull-though, as you see, right next to the recreation field on the passenger side. Perhaps not the ideal place when the campground is full of children eager to play ball. But just right for this time of the week.

site 17 b Here’s a view from the other side. Note the “reading chair” under the small mesh screen enclosure. Bug season has arrived. Be sure to bring plenty of insect repellant. As well as sun block.

bath house 1 The two campground bath houses are of the traditional style. Though they must have been renovated some time in the recent past.

bath house 2 Since the facilities inside look fairly new. Including the shower stalls.

screened shelter A short walk from campsite # 17 I found this screened recreation hall. Complete with coquina fireplace, tables, chairs, and even a lectern. What a location to bring a class! Or even to have an indoor picnic gathering.

campsite work Behind the screened recreation hall I found large dump trucks full of sand and Park personnel hard at work renovating three campsites. This may help to explain the firmness of the sandy surfaces of these sites.

If you click the photo for a larger image, you may be able to see the sprinkler running toward the rear of the site. Load after load of sand has been brought in, smoothed over, tamped down, and then soaked with water. Park personnel told me they plan to add gravel-like fill once the sand settles. The timbers on the side must help to keep everything in place. Lots of work! Made me tired just watching for a while.

campsite water only This is one of the campsites in the water-only area. As you can see, “primitive” doesn’t mean unkempt. In fact, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that these sites require more work than the others.

If you’re able to camp without electricity, some of the very best sites sites available in this section. The bath house here too is modernized and spic and span.

So there you have it. A beautiful, peaceful, well-maintained campground awaiting you and your RV!

Stay tuned. We’ll look around the Park at some of the other sights and facilities in the next post.

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  1. Love the reading tent!

  2. Greetings. I do not know if you remember or not or even saw it. Was campsite 24 a good campsite? I hate not being able to see a site before making a reservation. It was at the entrance to the rustic areas. Called park ranger and he ensured me that it was a good site, but just wanted to make sure.