Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picnic Table Innovation at Cheraw State Park


Here for a few days again at Cheraw State Park. Still one of the nicest Parks in the State system. Hoping to dip a paddle in Juniper Lake later on today.

But meantime, here’s an interesting innovation. Well, new to me, anyway. Octagonal picnic tables. Just one of the “High Bang; Low Buck” projects carried out here since my last visit. These folks don’t let state-wide budget tightening get them down.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock is another of those South Carolina mountain state parks that amaze first-time visitors. Especially those from afar [that’s the polite way to say “… from off … “] whose image of South Carolina combines the I-95 interstate corridor with the Myrtle Beach boardwalk.

Table Rock Lodge View

We began last Monday with the CCC-built Table Rock Lodge. Recently renovated and maintained in pristine condition. If you visit on a day it hasn’t been rented out for a wedding or corporate meeting, be sure to walk around to the back and enjoy the views from the lower and upper porches. Those rocking chairs actually are comfortable!

View of Table Rock From Road

We then drove the Park’s winding road, stopping here and there to enjoy the views. Here’s the “table” and “stool” from a convenient overlook. Think what that will look like in ten days or so, when the leaves have turned!

I could go on and on about Table Rock State Park. And have! Several times! But it’s all true. If you haven’t visited this part of South Carolina be sure to include it in your next trip agenda. You won’t be disappointed.

Off to Cheraw State Park again next trip.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Visit to Caesars Head State Park

Hello again from CarolinaConsidered. Apologies for the lack of posts the past couple of months. And thanks for all the e-mail inquiries.

No, I haven’t passed from the scene. Just been over-involved in another writing project. Which I’ve pursued at the expense of CarolinaConsidered. Poor time management and planning!

Don’t laugh now. This new project is a novel. My first venture into book-length fiction writing. After all these years! The first Very rough draft is done, and I’ve begun the first of what likely will be two complete rewrites. The novel is set in present-day South Carolina, somewhere between Charleston and the I-95 corridor. Sort of an RV travel mystery. When it’s done I plan to publish it as an e-book on Amazon. Will let you know.

Monday morning we decided to visit Caesars Head and Table Rock State Parks for a look at the mountain scenery. It was a little early for full autumn color, but still beautiful.

Here’s a short video of the impressive Visitors Center. Nice place to stop.

Fog was heavy on the mountains when we arrived. A beautiful sight in itself. Then suddenly the fog cleared and bright sunshine flooded the whole scene. Have a look here:

After a couple of hours at Caesars Head we drove to Table Rock State Park. More on that visit in another post.