Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Return to Chester State Park, South Carolina

07 Chester State Park Site 4I know; I know. Been here several times before. But this really is one of South Carolina’s nicest State Parks. What a change during the last couple of years! Note the tow vehicle on site # 4 above. Had to trade in my beloved elderly Town Car for a Toyota Tundra truck. Quite a change, but it was time. [click photos for larger view]

01 SignThe display you see in the photo above is just one example of the work being done here. It’s the original Chester State Park sign made by the CCC crew who created the Park. Park Manager John Wells and assistant Brandon Bowers happened across it while cleaning out a storage shed. I first saw it a few months ago as a “project in progress.” Now this historic sign hangs on the wall of the Park office building. Another “Low Buck; High Bang” project that only cost some thought and elbow grease, as we used to say OverHome.

05 brochureChester State Park also has a new brochure. Or new since I was last here, anyway. One of the shiny four-panel kind with the maps and locations of nearby useful services. Everything from groceries to fish bait! Be sure to pick up a copy in the office next time you visit.


This sight greeted me one evening as I walked along the lakeside trail. Two folks fishing from the boat house pier.

03 lake trailAnd scenery like this isn’t unusual at Chester. Here’s another snapshot I took during a walk along the lakeside trail earlier the same day. These trails are an ElderHiker’s delight.

06 dumpster hideLots more going on here at Chester State Park. Here’s another of John’s and Brandon’s in-house building projects. (This one will become a dumpster screen). But none of it detracts from the sense of peace and natural beauty available here just for the price of admission. So, be sure to stop in and stay a few days next time your travels take north or south on I-77. It’s just a few minutes away.