Thursday, July 3, 2014

Visit to the University of South Carolina’s Campus: The Horseshoe in May 2014

01 horseshoe gate
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Back in early May I drove downtown intending to pay another visit the gardens of the Robert Mills House. On arrival I found school busses parked cheek to jowl in the street fronting the property. Fortunately, it was blocked off. Children of all sizes swarmed around the Mills House property. I continued south without stopping. Ending up in a USC parking lot near the Horseshoe.
01 brick wall
As an alternative to the Mills House gardens, the Horseshoe area of the USC Campus is hard to beat. It has to be one of the most beautiful and carefully tended pieces of real estate in Columbia.
01 kids in tree
Look at that tree! Generations of children have abused its low-hanging branches. Irresistible up to a certain age. Only one example of the care and skill of USC’s arborists over the years.
01 another tree
01 graduation
The University was preparing for graduation ceremonies when I arrived. A picturesque setting. But you can’t imagine how hot it is out there on a sunny May day, especially with a long-winded commencement speaker!
01 graduates photo taking
All worth it, though. Graduating students treasure memories of this day for the rest of their lives. That’s McKissick Hall, now McKissick Museum, you see in the background. Be sure to visit. Here’s a link to their website. Quite an impressive collection. The building alone is worth the time.
01 front of Caroliniana
The Caroliniana Library anchors the other end of the Horseshoe. I doubt that they encourage casual visitors. But there’s plenty to see outside. Including a delightful garden surrounded by a brick wall out back. Great place to read and make notes. Have a look at the Caroliniana Library’s website with a click here. Some more of architect Robert Mills’ work. In continual use since 1840, it’s said to be the oldest free-standing university library building in the country.
There’s much more to see here on USC’s beautiful and historic Horseshoe. All within easy walking distance. Even for older folks like me who don’t get around as easily as we once did. Here’s a short video that shows a bit more. But you’ll just have to visit to get a comprehensive view.