Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aiken State Natural Area, South Carolina. Part V. Visit to the Cabin Lake Area.

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cl 1 Be sure to drive over to the Cabin Lake area of Aiken State Natural Area when you visit. It’s easy to miss if you’re relying on a GPS and not paying attention. I almost did. Ranger Jason Robinette reminded me, fortunately. So over I went.

cl 2 This is another fascinating part of the Park that’s easily accessible to visitors. Cabin Lake is larger than I expected. Not very deep, except in certain spots. But with enough acreage to support a diverse fish and plant population. Lots to see.

cl 3 This bank you see above creates the lake, separating it from the Edisto River below. It’s topped with a wide walking path. Ideal for fishing, bird/fish/animal watching, or just plain strolling. As you walk along, be sure to look to the left. You can see the Edisto River winding along below.

Here’s a short YouTube clip that describes this part of the Park. Oh, and if you wish to see a larger version, a click on the window will open the YouTube site in another window. There you can watch the clip in full-screen size if you wish.

cl 4 Click on the photo above for a more legible version of the Canoe Trail. Should be an interesting trip! Though I didn’t have time during this visit to make the run.

Back now to the other side of the Park to have a look around the Park Office and its surrounding scenery. So stay tuned.

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