Monday, May 24, 2010

Aiken State Natural Area, South Carolina. Part III. An Experienced RV Camping Neighbor Offers Some Tips.

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Up well before dawn this morning, and straight to the newly renovated shower facilities of the nearby bath house. Then back for a nice breakfast and some writing in the Aliner before today’s explorations.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of RV camping for me is the opportunity to meet other campers. They’re invariably friendly, helpful, and informative. They’re usually great sources of advice on how to RV camp more comfortably, and what to see in the surrounding area.

Stepping out around 9:00 this morning for a few more photographs, I met just such a fellow camper. He and his wife were camped in a nice travel trailer several sites away.

They were not only very experienced RV campers, they also live quite near this Park. What an opportunity. After some persuasion, my neighbor agreed to record a few minutes of conversation for CarolinaConsidered.

ClickToListen We began, as usual, with a general introduction. Click on the button to the left, as indicated, to listen. We then went on to his assessment of this Park as an RV camping spot. And, as a fishing spot!

Then the topic shifted to cycling. I’d seen him and his wife riding bicycles yesterday afternoon. But it turned out they also ride motorcycles. For camping! Now that must be an experience.

ClickToListen This camping neighbor knew a lot about the safe management of insect pests while camping. Not just opinion, but solid information based on professional experience. So I asked for a few suggestions. Click the button to learn how to handle the ants and other insects we’re bound to encounter at these nature-oriented RV campgrounds. And why some campgrounds have ants and others don’t. Something I always wondered about.

ClickToListen In closing, I asked my helpful neighbor about other RV camping spots in South Carolina, and more about camping with a motorcycle. Now, there’s a real challenge!

So there you have it. A fine example of the great folks you’ll meet while RV camping in South Carolina. Thanks again, neighbor, for your generosity and willingness to face the microphone.

Stay tuned, now, since there’s more to come on Aiken State Natural Area.

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