Monday, January 19, 2015

A Winter Visit to Edisto Beach State Park SC


Edisto Beach State Park is about right for my tastes any time from about late November to early April. I know; I know. Normal people …. Well, Tastes vary. And I meet a surprising number of campers who visit Edisto only in the winter. So ….

The photo above is of the site of the Park’s Bache Monument out behind the Nature Center. An important historical marker. Named after a great-grandson of Benjamin Franklin. Alexander Bache invented the “bar of invariable length” that finally allowed accurate geographical measurements. Read all about it here.

Here’s a short video compilation of photos I’ve taken at and around Edisto during winter visits. Enjoy.

Should your web browser fail to display the video above properly, click here to go directly to the YouTube iteration.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Edisto Beach State Park in the Winter

South Carolina's Edisto Beach State Park is beautiful even on a rainy winter day.

Click each photo for a larger image

Just outside my campsite.

There's something about this place. Come have a look for yourselves.