Saturday, February 27, 2010

Huntington Beach State Park, SC. Part VI. The Education Center

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Yesterday I spent much of the morning and early afternoon in the Mobile Studio writing and preparing programs. With frequent breaks to walk around the immediate area to enjoy the natural and social scenery.

BoardWalk 1 The weather was cool and quite windy. But the sun was out most of the time. So really, ideal conditions to enjoy the vegetation and birds along the board walk. And to chat with other RVers here in the Park. Many of the latter were from Canada. Ontario, mainly. But also Rob from Nova Scotia. All experienced RVers. Who have been coming to the South Carolina coast for some time.

Each RVer had an interesting story. One or two worthy of book-length treatment. I learned a lot from them, and enjoyed the conversation and social scenery.

EdCenter 1 Then in the afternoon, over to the Park’s Education Center. This Center is housed in a relatively small building. But, as you can see in the photo above, it’s chuck-full of interesting exhibits. For children, and for adults! Not an easy task, even with many times more square footage than this Center occupies. Let alone in a space this small. Yet they manage! Impressive.

touch tank Here, for example, is a “touch tank.” Click the photo and read the instructions on the front. I asked if children enjoyed touching the ray and crab. The attendant told me that as many adults try as children! I mean!

turtlepelican The exhibit area includes realistic models of wildlife found in the area. Including this enormous turtle and pelican.

birdID And birds, birds, birds. As Park Manager Magers mentioned during her interview, many of the Park’s visitors come just to see the birds. Serious bird watchers. So, the Education Center pays special attention to them. With lots of bird identification displays, and even a section explaining how to get started as a serious bird watcher.

classroom Nearly half of the Education Center’s space is taken up by this classroom. This room, according to the attendant on duty, gets a Lot of use. The Education Center sponsors programs for adults and for children year-roundx. All well attended. Schools from as far away as Columbia send students to participate. A definite high-usage area of the Park.

boat As you leave the Education Center be sure to spend some time looking at this display. A boat that looks as if it may well have floated here and there in the nearby marshes. Those are pages from Anna Huntington’s journal in the blue binder. The whole display is nicely done.

Well, that’s South Carolina’s Huntington Beach State Park. Thanks to Park Manager Brenda Magers and the whole staff. A wonderful group. Including the Camp Host couples. You all were most helpful, and generous with your time. 

It’s always good to get back home after a trip. But I could easily stay here for another five days, enjoying the special environment, and learning more about this part of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Be sure to add this Park to the itinerary of your next trip to the area.

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