Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paris Mountain State Park, South Carolina. Part VII Walking the Turtle Trail.

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Turtle Trail Map A couple of posts back I noted the appealing entrance to Paris Mountain State Park’s “Turtle Trail.” And promised a walk along it. Well, here it is.

01 Looking back to entrance The Turtle Trail may not be the most impressive trail within Paris Mountain State Park. Or even the most beautiful. But it is one of the easiest to walk for those of us who aren’t quite as mobile as we were a few decades ago.

It doesn’t require special boots, special trousers, or even a fancy hiking pole. The surface is smooth throughout its length. And speaking of length, it’s only a half-mile from the entrance at the crossroads leading up to the campground, back to the Park Office complex near Lake Placid. So, don’t be hesitant to give it a try.

That said, the Turtle Trail does take the walker/hiker through some of the Park’s most interesting and beautiful woods scenery. Due in part to its proximity to the stream that feeds Lake Placid. Click on the photo above, taken looking back toward the entrance from 30 feet or so down the trail. You’re in the woods here! Oh, and you might bring some bug spray. You’ll be glad you did.

02 trail maintenance Here’s an example of the maintenance that makes this trail so easily accessible. A tree that had fallen across the trail has been cut up and pushed to the side. Not easy work, but essential. I hope the Park has plenty of energetic trail maintenance volunteers!

Have a look at the short video below to get a better feeling for this Paris Mountain State Park hiking trail.

It will be a few days. But coming up next is an interview with Park Manager Jason Hege. He’s been on vacation this week. But has agreed to do an interview next Tuesday. I’ll drive over from nearby Croft State Natural Area. So stay tuned.

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