Thursday, June 24, 2010

Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site, South Carolina.

Dorchester Snip Map Next time you’re in or near Charleston, South Carolina, or Summerville, be sure to visit the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site. It’s only a short distance from the main highways. And well worth the time and effort.

main gateHere you see the impressive main gate. Made of tabby by the way. Get out and have a look before you go in to the Park.

Then drive through, purchase your day pass from the Iron Ranger, and drive down the paved road to the parking area on the right.

display building There you’ll see this small, unassuming building. With an office in the back. It doesn’t look like much from the parking lot. But don’t ignore it in your haste to get to the “real stuff.” Time spent looking through this little building’s displays before tackling the site itself will be time well spent. The displays are very well done. I’m surprised by the amount of information its creators have been able to pack into this small space.

The short videos below provide a virtual tour of some of the Colonial Dorchester Site’s most interesting features. Click the windows below once to play the video here. Click twice to open a larger version in YouTube. Here’s Part I:

And here’s Part II:

This is only a taste of the many interesting exhibits and features of South Carolina’s Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site. Click here to access their official website. Better yet, visit Colonial Dorchester as soon as you can to see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Wow, very impressive. Looks like an interesting place. Top notch video work as well. Looking forward to more.