Friday, July 8, 2011

A Morning Fishing With Kevin Skipper

kevin 03

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A couple of weeks ago, an old friend, Kevin Skipper, invited me to join him for an early-morning paddle on one of the beautiful small lakes for which South Carolina is so justly famous.

Fishing With Kevin  (2)

Now, you probably know Kevin as a radio and television personality; a financial consultant with Discipline Financial Management. [click here for the website]. But when Kevin has down time – a rare thing for him – his passion is fishing. No other way to put it. He’s a fanatic!

kevin 01And who could blame him. Just look at that beautiful Saturday morning sunrise-painted lake! 

I said Kevin invited me for a paddle. And I fully intended to inflate my Advanced Elements Expedition kayak and get some badly needed upper-body exercise. Brought it with me in the back of the car!

kevin boat 2In the event, that didn’t happen. Kevin arrived at the meeting place with about the cutest little boat I’d ever seen. A “Pond Prowler,” it was called, with two comfortable seats, and even a battery-powered trolling motor. No paddling! How could anyone resist an invitation to try out a boat like that!

lake 01So, as dawn spilled across the lake, filtering through shoreline trees, Kevin outfitted his Pond Prowler and launched it into the water with a minimum of effort. He sat in front with about 50 fishing rods and reels. Well, maybe four or five, anyway.

Kevin 04And I sat in the back with a camera, enjoying the view. Even with those high seats you see in the photo above, the little boat was rock-steady. In fact, stand-up-and-move-around steady!

Which proved a blessing since, as you’ll see if you click the play button on the video above, things got exciting in the little Pond Prowler not ten minutes into our voyage.

Fishing With Kevin  (16)Kevin was more excited by the arrival of that fish than he would have been by a one-day 3,000-point rise in the Dow-Jones average. No comparison! Thank heaven some of the photos came out. I’m certain our Discipline Financial Management portfolio would have suffered grievous loss had the camera failed! 

Thanks again, Kevin, for a great Saturday morning, and for the opportunity to join you on the lake. What a treat!

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