Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Sunday Afternoon at Columbia South Carolina’s Riverbanks Zoo

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Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo is another of those must-visit spots in the South Carolina Midlands. Its innovative displays and activities have earned national and international awards for years.

Last Sunday I accompanied our daughter and two of our three grandchildren on one of their frequent Zoo visits. A real treat.


Click the photo above for a better view of the Zoo’s new “Zip the Zoo” zip line canopy tour. And click here to view the Zoo’s zip line promo video. There are two courses. One over the Zoo and one over the nearby Saluda River.

Now, this is a pricey addition. Zoo members have to pay $30 for the Zoo route and $40 for the River route. And even at that price reservations are required. We resisted the temptation, in spite of heavy lobbying from the grandchildren contingent.

Here’s a short video of some of the popular features and exhibits at the Zoo.

Should the video fail to display properly in your browser, click here to go directly to the YouTube iteration.

Just after the elephants and before lunch we visited “Sky-High Safari.” Another relatively new Zoo attraction. I resisted the temptation to climb the exhibit’s carefully arranged ropeways. Watching two grandchildren romping up and down was more than enough cardiovascular exercise for the day. Here’s a video of the event.

Again, if the video embedded above fails to play properly in your browser, click here.

So there you have it. A pleasant Sunday afternoon at Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo. We’ll be back soon to report on new exhibits. So stay tuned to

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