Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interview with Mr. Pete Richards, President of the Friends of Fort Fremont Organization in Beaufort County, South Carolina.

001 fort emplacementSouth Carolina is chuck-full of interesting historical sites. modern ones too, of course. But I most enjoy the historical. The ruins of Fort Fremont in Beaufort County is an excellent example.

pete 06We’ll have more specifics on Fort Fremont itself in a subsequent post or two. But while visiting Hunting Island State Park in January, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Pete Richards, president of the Friends of Fort Fremont Historical Park organization.

09 friends websiteMr. Richards lives on Fripp Island, just a skip and a jump from the Hunting Island State Park Campground. So, over I went. Loaded down with all sorts of equipment: notebooks, recorders, cameras, and even a couple of tripods. About half of it necessary.

04a deerIt was my first visit to Fripp Island. What a nice place to live. Beautifully landscaped, with all sorts of wild life just wandering around. I photographed the buck above right in Mr. Richards’ back yard. That’s not a telephoto shot! He’d lost one antler and looked about to lose the other. And, he clearly expected a handout!

We began the interview with Mr. Richards’ description of the Friends Group. It’s objectives, organization, and activities. You can double-click the video window below to open a larger screen right in YouTube, if you wish.

Next, Mr. Richards described the Friends Group’s plans and aspirations. An ambitious agenda. As well as the support of Beaufort County and surrounding areas.

Time, as usual with these interviews, was running short by now. But I had to ask Mr. Richards about Clemson University’s Master Naturalist Program in the Lowlands. He had credited his involvement with Fort Fremont to participation in that program. Here he explains all about it.

Thanks again to Mr. Pete Richards for his time and hospitality. Lots more to come on Fort Fremont. I’m hoping to interview another member of the Friends Group Board who knows all about the Fort’s history and its historical significance. So stay tuned.

16 fort front

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