Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little Pee Dee State Park, South Carolina. Part I

ParkPageTable of Contents for This Series 

  1. Park introduction and Dillon County Information
  2. Drive over and check-in, set-up
  3. A look around the Park; first impressions
  4. Kayaking on Lake Norton at Little Pee Dee
  5. Lunch at the Webster Manor in nearby Mullins
  6. Interview with Park Manager Mr. Geoff Akins

Off again on Sunday for another South Carolina State Park RV camping adventure. This time to Little Pee Dee State Park in Dillon County. Named, of course, after the nearby Little Pee Dee River. More on the river in a moment. This is my first visit to this Park. So lots to learn!

routemap The drive over looks interesting. I’m able to avoid the Super Highways completely. Two Notch Road, or Route 1, and Route 34 much of the way. Ideal for natural and social scenery. And for more moderate speeds towing the Aliner with my elderly Town Car.

Map Little Pee Dee is a relatively small park. Less than 900 acres. But remember how much Calhoun Falls State Park was able to pack into an even smaller area. Little Pee Dee, according to the website, maintains only 32 RV campsites. With an additional 18 tent sites. Here’s a map of the Park from their website.

That’s Lake Norton you see in the upper right of the Park on the map. At 54 acres, it’s somewhat larger than the lake at Sesqui. The Little Pee Dee Park Office rents boats and canoes for use on the lake. But also allows private boats, as long as they’re propelled by nothing larger than an electric trolling motor. Fine for the Expedition kayak! I’ll try to wet a paddle there and take some photos.

The unusual name “Pee Dee” has inspired all sorts of speculation about its origins. Most sources point to the Pee Dee Indian Tribe as the source. Click here to visit the Tribe’s website.

Lots of interesting information on that website, by the way. Be sure not to overlook the navigation links at the very top of the page. Especially the “History” page and the Upcoming Events. The Great Pee Dee and Little Pee Dee Rivers, as well as this whole region of the State, all take their name from this Tribe, it seems.

Dillon Click on over to the Dillon County Page of the CarolinaConsidered website for specific information about Dillon County. There’s much more in Dillon County than South of the Border and the Marriage Chapel. Have a look.

Speaking of the Little Pee Dee River, it flows right by the Park. I hope to kayak there too, if time permits. Click here to learn more about the River from South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources. It must be beautiful, since the South Carolina Legislature designated part of it as a “State Scenic River” in 1990. Indeed, there’s even a “Pee Dee Scenic River Advisory Council.” I’ll have to learn more about that. Here’s some more information about it on the web. On “Facebook,” no less!

Again, if time permits. That’s always a consideration on these trips. There’s just so much to see in and around these State Parks. It’s impossible to do any of them justice in only five days.

Work continues on the CarolinaConsidered website. Click on over when you have a moment, and e-mail your suggestions for improvements.

Little Pee Dee State Park hasn’t yet been designated as a WiFi-capable Park within the System. So once again Internet access will be catch as catch can. Out and around. Which may delay uploads of the various Posts. But stay tuned. This looks like an interesting part of the State.

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