Thursday, October 31, 2013

Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina

Flying Bird

Huntington Beach is one of South Carolina’s most popular State Parks. I don’t have the visitation figures at hand, but it has to be right up there near the top. And with good reason. Lots to do here.

I come to RV camp and write when I can get a site for five days. But that’s only the beginning. Punch “Huntington Beach” into the search window over at the right and you’ll find plenty of articles. Including an interview with Naturalist Mike Walker. Also a tour of the Atalaya mansion with then-curator, Elizabeth Moses.

But for me, the long curving wooden boardwalk out over the marsh takes the cake. It’s a must-visit feature of this Park. I’ll put in a short video below to give those of you who haven’t visited some of idea of what’s in store. But the marsh on either side of this boardwalk has been different every time I’ve visited. Indeed, it’s different at high and low tide on the same day.

If your browser has difficulty with the embedded video above, click this link.

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