Saturday, October 19, 2013

The 2013 South Carolina State Fair: Part 2

01 Fair Part 2

Back at the South Carolina State Fair. Click here for Part 1 of this visit to the Fair if you missed it first time around.

I’m using a new program to create short YouTube videos from video clips and photos. Sound too! PhotoStage Slideshow Pro. These shareware programs get better every year. However, they also become more complex. So it takes some time to become proficient. Bear with me, please …. The clips this program produces will play full-screen on your desktop if you view them on the YouTube website.

There was so much to see this year at the State Fair I had to go back for a second day. And then only got to see a fraction of the exhibits.

Farmer Bob came by, driving “Johnny,” his beloved 1949 John Deere Model MT tractor. At least one faithful reader of this blog collects antique tractors. So, click here for everything you ever wanted to know about this ‘49 John Deere.

Farmer Bob and Johnny

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The Cantey Building, not far from the rear entrance on the right, houses many of the exhibits related to agriculture. It’s another must-see. Air conditioned too! Here’s a link to the Fair’s on-line history that describes the importance of agriculture in developing state and county fairs. Wouldn’t have happened without agriculture! At least, not in this form.

The Cantey Building

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The Ellison Building, just across the way from Cantey, has air conditioning too. Here you’ll find many of the more spectacular exhibits of flowers. And an enormous sand sculpture. These folks take their flowers seriously. I’ve never seen such an impressive display of orchids. Kids will find plenty to amuse them here as well. Have a look.

The Ellison Building Displays

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So there you have it. Or a glimpse of it, anyway. The 2013 South Carolina State Fair. Something for everyone to enjoy. I recommend it for folks of all ages.

Stay tuned to this channel because next time we’ll visit a Japanese restaurant that’s become an institution here in Columbia, South Carolina.

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