Sunday, November 3, 2013

Segway Tours at Huntington Beach State Park, SC


Last week at Huntington Beach State Park I saw a gaggle of senior citizens following a tour guide through our campground, about to go out onto the boardwalk leading to the beach.

Nothing surprising about that except they all were riding Segways. I mean! Most of the group appeared to be older than me. Some a good bit older. And all having fun.

I was in the Aliner writing and didn’t get any video. But the following day I saw the tour guide and Segway instructor waiting for a subsequent tour group to return. He was from Seattle, Washington, where Segways aren’t all that uncommon. A retired federal officer who knew how to teach, and how to make folks feel comfortable on those interesting machines. Here’s a short video.

If the embedded video doesn’t behave properly in your browser, click this link to view it directly on YouTube.

I’ve got to give a Segway a try at least once before it’s too late. Combining a tour of Huntington Beach State Park seems the ideal opportunity.

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