Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The 2013 South Carolina State Fair: Part 1

01 State Fair Sign

Last week for the first time in years I was able to attend the South Carolina State Fair. For two days, in fact. What a treat! Somehow, the organizers manage to provide a comfortable environment for all ages, from little ones in strollers to old geezers like me. Below are some photos and videos from the visit.

Arrival in the Free Parking Area

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There were so many photo and video opportunities I’ve had to combine them into YouTube videos. Click on the arrow in the photo above to watch and listen. You can play the video full-screen by clicking the icon in the lower right-hand corner, just to the right of the YouTube logo. Seniors get in for $7.00. Not a bad price for a day’s entertainment.

But this Fair isn’t all about seniors. Kids of all ages seemed to be having the most fun. Here are a few of the rides intended for the stroller set and a bit older.

Rides for the Stroller Set and a bit older

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Rides of the spinning slingshot variety, intended for older children and young adults, were in another section altogether. I didn’t make it over there.

If you don’t have time to see anything else, be sure to visit the barns where cattle and smaller animals are displayed. 4H and FFA are active in high schools throughout the State. Great training for young people. Here are some scenes.

Some animals exhibited at the South Carolina State Fair

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Stay tuned for some more scenes from the South Carolina State Fair. I enjoyed the visits. Great way to procrastinate from writing the second novel in the Dr. Ray Raether and Samantha RV travel mystery series. Better get back at it!

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"Death, Lonely and Peculiar," 

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  1. Bob,

    Reminds me of the Allen County Fair when I was growing up. The rides are a bit different, and I noticed that they don't take American Express (of course, I doubt that the Allen County Fair took credit cards at all "back then").

    For some reason the music you used at the beginning of the livestock video reminded me of a Japanese movie-don't know which one. I've heard that they don't make the 4H kids auction off their prize animals, is that correct? I also didn't see any electric pig prodders in your video. I don't miss seeming or hearing them.

    Can't wait for installment 2. BTW I am looking forward to reading your novel.



    1. Thanks for the comment, Anne. Didn't see any electric pig prods. Dunno about the heifer sales. Part 2 coming soon.