Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rivers Bridge State Historic Site, South Carolina. Site Tour with Park Manager John White

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01a RBSHSToday we have a treat. Newly appointed Rivers Bridge Park Manager, Mr. John White, has agreed to take us on a short informal video tour of his beautiful Park.

Now, given time constraints, and my limitations as a videographer, these three video clips represent only a small percentage of what you will see and learn here at Rivers Bridge when you visit.

Mr. White is a trained historian/archeologist with special interest in Civil War battles. So, it’s a real treat to be able to walk the Park with him today. You’re in for a special experience if he’s available to provide a tour when you visit the Site.

Here’s an example:


Somehow, Park Manager White has the ability to make the remains of these fortifications come alive as he describes the course of the battle. I could almost hear the shouts of soldiers and the crackle of small-arms fire as we walked the site.


This can be described without exaggeration as Living History. Mr. White manages to synthesize his many years of academic reading and research with direct observation of this site. And, as significant, to present the results of his work to visitors in a way that non-specialists like me can understand and appreciate. You just have to take one of his guided tours!


So, there you are. My videography skills remain below par, in spite of intensive self-study. But perhaps the quality of Mr. White’s interpretation of this remarkable site comes through in spite of that.


Stay tuned, now. Next we have an interview with Park Manager John White, during which he tells us of his career and training for this important post.

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