Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lake Wateree State Park, South Carolina. Part IV. Walking the Park’s Nature Trail

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Trail Sign

Another beautiful day here at Lake Wateree State Natural Area. Ideal for a walk along the Desportes Nature Trail.

Wateree Trail markerThis trail is maintained beautifully by this Park’s limited staff. How in the world they find time to do everything that needs doing in a Park, I can’t imagine. 

Wide TrailThis is an easy trail that most any Park visitor should be able to navigate with little difficulty. Yet it’s worth hiking. The trail meanders through some very interesting and unusual territory. See the SCTrails description of the Desportes Nature Trail with a click here.

Here’s a video of what you’ll see when you visit.

trailSo, there you have it. A nice way to spend an afternoon, or morning, depending on the season, when you visit Lake Wateree State Natural Area in South Carolina.

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