Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lake Wateree State Park, South Carolina. Part I Introduction.

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Off later this morning to Lake Wateree State Park. Another of my favorite parks in the South Carolina system.

mapLake Wateree is relatively close to home. Only about 50 minutes, up an interesting secondary road, Route 21. Fairly busy during the week, Route 21 normally is quiet on Sunday morning. It winds through some beautiful Midlands scenery, and the interesting towns of Blythewood and Ridgeway. Very different, and both worth a visit. I’ve been planning to do a few articles on Ridgeway for a long time now. Better get to it!

altRV camping at Lake Wateree State Park is some of the best in the State. The Park maintains 72 campsites. Every one is paved and level. Park personnel take pride in the appearance of their sites, and keep them spotless. More on that after arriving. To be sure the information is up to date.

altIn addition to ideal RV campsites, have a look at this lake view. I took this photo a year or so ago from just outside the Aliner. From site # 23, if memory serves. The lake is beautiful, and an elder kayaker’s delight.

Digital image  Lots of interesting shoreline, a minimum of zippy power boats, and all sorts of birds and wildlife. See that egret? They’re a frequent sight at Lake Wateree.

Digital image  It’s cold as the dickens in the South Carolina Midlands this morning. But hopefully I’ll be able to dip a paddle at least once later in the week. The Park maintains a convenient marina, that includes a well-stocked store and a boat ramp.

So, better finish packing up here and get under way. Stay tuned for more on Lake Wateree State Park.

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