Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lake Wateree State Park, South Carolina Part III. ElderKayaking on Lake Wateree.

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Lake Wateree Kayak 1440x900

Out this afternoon for a nice paddle on Lake Wateree. Now, this is why I try always to keep the inflatable/foldable Advanced Elements Expedition kayak in the back seat of the tow vehicle. One never knows when an opportunity like this will arise. So, over to the boat ramp.

I may have mentioned it before. But Lake Wateree State Park, or State Natural Area, maintains an excellent double-barreled boat ramp, accessible year-round.

Sheriff CarOn the way to the boat ramp, I was pleased to see a Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office car parked near the Park Office. They’re a common sight here. I don’t know how in the world Fairfield County’s Sheriff’s Office manages to patrol even the state parks in their large county, but they do. I’ll have to try to get someone from that office on the program one day.

So, kayak inflated/assembled, onto the cart, and off we go. Here’s the first part of the trip:

As you can see, conditions were ideal for a pleasant ElderKayak session on this beautiful lake.

shore and paddleIt’s hard to describe the feeling one gets out on this water. And these photos and videos certainly don’t do justice to the scene. Have a look anyway, and imagine the visual presented to the second or third power, and you’ll about have it. Here’s another video of the second half of the trip:

Back at the campsite, just at dusk, another heron was perched on a nearby limb, awaiting his dinner.

heron at campsite

He’s a frequent visitor here. Well! Really, I’m the visitor and he’s the year-round resident. The Park folks told me he’s been here for some time, and gets very upset if anyone disturbs his fishing. Can’t blame him.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow we’ll have a look at the Nature Trail the Park folks maintain here. It isn’t very long, and nearly all of it is easily traveled by Elder Hikers.

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