Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheraw State Park, South Carolina Part VI Rental Cabin # 3

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01 Cheraw Cabin outside The RV Camping lifestyle is not for everyone. Or so I’ve heard. Let alone tent camping! So, should you have one or more Campophobics in your Party, you might consider renting one of the State Park’s cabins.

Most of our State Parks have at least a few cabins to rent. All that I’ve seen have been very nice. You may recall the photos and video of the lovingly restored CCC cabins at Oconee State Park from an earlier program. And even earlier, that cabin at Poinsett State Park.

Well, Cheraw has eight cabins for rent. All pretty much like cabin number three that I looked over during my visit. Now, these cabins are popular with golfers, so be sure to allow plenty of lead time for the reservation!

02 ccc logo cheraw cabin All eight cabins are CCC structures. Renovated and modernized, of course. But with that classic CCC look inside and out.

03 cabin screened porch The nicest room in the whole cabin, at least for me, is this screened porch. Imagine sitting in one of those rockers of an evening, watching out into the forest behind the cabin for deer and other animals, often too timid to show themselves during the day. Oh my.

Driving in to this cabin’s parking lot, though, four young white-tailed deer emerged for just a moment from the woods behind the cabin, sniffed the air, and bounded right back into the protective thicket. A beautiful sight. No time to get a photo.

04 rear of cabin While we’re on the subject of the porch, here’s a view it from down toward the woods. Click on that small photo for a larger view. And note a couple of important features. First, the smooth concrete area, from the parking lot down to the picnic table and grill. Hardly “rustic,” but a blessing when the weather is rainy, or for wheelchairs and scooters.

05 gas grill Also, have a look at this gas grill. Here I’ve removed the cover. Each cabin at Cheraw has one of these. To supplement the traditional charcoal grill that we’ve all used in the past. One of each! It’s big enough to grill a very large piece of meat. But don’t even think about harvesting one of those deer for some venison steak, though. The Park Rangers would have a fit! And anyway, the deer are more fun to watch than to eat.

06 Kitchen Inside recent restoration has modernized all of the facilities, from kitchen to bathroom. But has managed to maintain that classic CCC look. Just bring food and clothing and you’re all set for a weekend or a week. Microwave and coffee maker included. I mean!

07 Satellite TV And speaking of modernization, look at this. Not a huge television set by today’s standards. But it’s hooked up for full satellite reception. So if the traditional oversized checkerboard isn’t enough to amuse every member of your Party, then turn on the TV! A mixed blessing in my view ….

08 murphy bed Speaking of the members of your party, This cabin will sleep six people. More if they’re newly-weds or very close friends, I suppose. The living room couch folds down to accommodate two, of course. And this in the photo above is what we used to call a Murphy Bed.

I don’t know the proper term. The frame you see against the wall folds down to expose a mattress and covers. Just the thing to save space. First one I’ve seen in one of these cabins. The bedroom in this cabin boasts two single beds as well.

09 Cabin Area of Park Time to go. But here’s a view of the road leading back to the cabin area of the Park. The weather was gloomy when this photo was taken. But I hope you can see these trees. They’re beautiful. Somebody at this Park understands tree pruning. And has for some time.

So there you have it. Cabins for the Campophobic at Cheraw State Park. Something for everyone at this beautiful facility. I hope to return soon.

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