Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheraw State Park, South Carolina. Part III Morning Paddle on Lake Juniper

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lake 02 Up early this morning and dressed for a paddle on Cheraw State Park’s Lake Juniper. This lake was created in the mid-1930s when the CCC dammed Juniper Creek.

lake over kayak The CCC crews used trees cut from the area excavated for the lake in construction of the many buildings erected during creation of the State’s first state park. Can you imagine clearing and deepening this 360-acre area with only the rudimentary tools available to the CCC at the time? We’ll see some of the results of their efforts this morning.

Over to the boat ramp just down the road from the campground. The Advanced Elements Expedition inflatable/foldable kayak was out of the back seat of the car and ready to paddle in just a few minutes. Look at that peaceful water!

I first meandered down to the southernmost end of the lake, near the spillway, with its artistically shaped bridge. Then on up the lake’s eastern shore toward the Park Office and picnic area.

There, the Park’s rental boat fleet was a surprise. The usual canoes and john boats. But also sixteen kayaks! And a diverse selection of kayaks at that. Something for everyone! Have a look.

moon and pineFrom the Park Office boat area I paddled on up the eastern shore of the lake, past a golf course fairway and paddle-in camping area, to this beautiful sight.

There’s just so much to see while paddling this interesting lake. It’s big enough to require several trips, at least, to become acquainted. I’ll surely be back. Maybe by then I’ll have my tree nomenclature straightened out!

Osprey Sign Oh, before going ashore I should mention the Lake’s nesting Osprey. They’ve been here for several years now. Lightning recently struck the tree in which they’d built their nest. But the birds themselves have been sighted since. Let’s hope they rebuild.

Stay tuned for an interview with Cheraw State Park Resource Manager, Corinna Hanson. Now, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the Park’s flora and fauna!

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  1. Those kayaks are impressive! Can't wait to try the sit on top, we'll have to go paddling soon. The kids are watching the videos with me right now!

  2. You folks could visit Cheraw State Park and accomplish all of that. They have three or four models of kayak. And, of course, the golf course just up the street! Hope the kids like the videos. A work in progress.

  3. Come out to the park on October 23rd for a moonlight kayak tour through the Cypress Trees to the head waters. The beavers make their presence known by slapping their tails on the water. It's a majestic site to be out on Lake Juniper during the full moon. Hope to see you there!