Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheraw State Park, South Carolina Part 1 Drive Over and Initial Look Around

map to cheraw sp

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Off yesterday morning for Cheraw State Park. About a 90 minute drive from home in Columbia. Mostly on Route 1. A favorite of mine. Maybe because it’s called “Two Notch Road” through much of Columbia. As you see on the map above, Route 1, by then stripped of its picturesque “Two Notch” appellation, passes through Camden, Bethune (known for nearly a century as Lynchwood), McBee, with its renovated train depot, now a museum, on into the heart of the 46,000-acre Sand Hills State Forest. More about this important forest later on in this series.

It would be easy – and enjoyable! – to spend several days traveling this section of Route 1. Stopping at each of these towns to enjoy their natural and social scenery. Maybe even testing their restaurants …. But a Park reservation awaits.

Cheraw SP Main Gate Turn south on Route 52, just a few miles shy of the town of Cheraw, and you’ll see the Park entrance only a couple miles down the road. On the right.

main gate 2 This is only the beginning. Cheraw is one of two South Carolina State Parks that maintain golf courses. We’ll visit that golf course later on. But golf course maintenance practices seem to have permeated the whole Park. Everything here is beautifully clipped and trimmed. From one end of the Park to the other.

Turn left at the end of this road that meanders along beside a couple of golf course fairways, and visit the Park Office for check-in. One of those interesting CCC-built structures, since renovated. Then over to to Cheraw’s RV Campground.

Cheraw Aliner Campsite # 14 04 This is the smallest campground I’ve encountered so far. Only 17 sites. But each site is well placed, well maintained, and ready for most any RV. That’s site # 14 above. My favorite. It’s a pull-through, with a nice view of the lake. Level too, though there’s a slight grade up to the level part.

Boardwalk at Cheraw Across Lake Now, here’s a view across Lake Juniper. This lake, at 360 acres, is ideal for kayaking. Or, at least, the sort of kayaking that I do. Big enough to be interesting; small enough not to be intimidating. We’ll go out for a paddle later on in my stay.

Boat Ramp in Rain It’s been raining most of the day today, sometimes heavily. But I just had to go over to see the boat ramp. It’s quite near the campground. Looks ideal for my purposes.

Clubhouse 01 And, while we’re at it, let’s take a quick look at the impressive club house at Cheraw’s golf course.

I took the photo above when the sun was out. But today it was raining cats and dogs. As you can see here. More on this golf course and clubhouse later on in the stay.

Cloudy Lake Enough for today. Back to the Aliner to read and write for a while before dinner. Stay tuned. More to come!

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