Sunday, July 21, 2013

Columbia, SC: Two Hours to Mountains; Two Hours to Ocean

01 Table Rock View

Everyone who's moved to the South Carolina Midlands during the past fifty years has heard: “From here it’s only two hours to the mountains or two hours to the ocean. The ideal location!”

02 Edisto Beach

It's a cliché. But there's some truth in it. I've never been able to drive to either the mountains or the ocean from Columbia in two hours. More like three. But that could be due to overly cautious GeezerDriving. Or because of the Aliner trailing along behind. Normal folks might make it in two hours. Especially if they stick to the superhighways that crisscross the state.

03 Cover DLPWriting "Death, Lonely and Peculiar" has taken most of my time for the past sixteen months, it seems. Though I still managed to get out every few weeks for a few days of RV camping. Usually at one of the South Carolina State Park campgrounds.

The Aliner is like a cabin in the woods. A cabin with regular changes of scenery outside its windows! Mountains one trip, ocean beach the next. And everything in between. Now, that's hard to beat.


04 Sesqui Lake Fog

I've begun writing the second book in what may become a series. This will be "Death, Long Long Ago."

Ray and Samantha have returned to Iroquois State Park for a few days of peaceful camping. On check-in, though, they learn a gravesite within the Park's boundaries was desecrated just the night before. Worse, it's the grave of a celebrated Iroquois County Revolutionary War hero.

Detective Sal Ryan once again invites Ray and Samantha to join him as he tracks down the perpetrator. The results will shock the whole County. Stay tuned.

"Death, Lonely and Peculiar," A Dr. Ray Raether South Carolina Travel Mystery.

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