Monday, July 29, 2013

Back at Barnwell State Park


Back for a few days at Barnwell State Park. I last visited here in 2010 some time. Barnwell is peaceful and beautiful. An ideal RV camper’s place to park and rest awhile.

Barnwell is another of the State’s CCC-built Parks. Chuck full of history and those CCC touches we’ve come to expect. Even take for granted.


Here’s one example. The unpretentious but clean bath house. And a huge fire pit surrounded by wooden benches. Think of the fond childhood memories that have been created around that circle over the years.

I caught Park Manager Eddy Richburg in a weak moment yesterday at check-in. He agreed to do another CarolinaConsidered interview to update us on what’s been happening here during the past three years.

Many of you have listened to his original interview on this site. One of our most popular! Eddy is a Park Manager’s Park Manager. No other way to put it!

Better get cracking on the second novel draft while there’s still time this morning. These things don’t write themselves! And thanks to all of you who’ve downloaded copies of “Death, Lonely and Peculiar.” Surprisingly, it’s selling well on Amazon.

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