Monday, April 4, 2011

Andrew Jackson State Park, Lancaster County, South Carolina Part 3. Recreation Opportunities

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boats 1

Andrew Jackson State Park isn’t one of those Parks that offers only rustic solitude to its visitors. There’s a lot to do here. And something for every age group. Let’s look at just a few of the most obvious opportunities.

We’ve already discussed the RV campground. In addition, the Park maintains a “primitive group camping area” that seemed to me ideal for Scout and other youth groups. “Primitive” here, as usual, indicates a lack of electrical and water hook-ups at each site.

At the top of the page you see a few of the broad, stable aluminum-hulled jon boats available for rent. I didn’t see any kayaks or canoes during my visit. Jon boats are beloved of serious fisherpersons [is that a word?]. But they also serve well for the casual paddler who just wants to get out on the water for a while. I believe boaters here are allowed to attach small electric trolling motors to the boats. No gasoline engines, of course. lake 2The lake’s too small. And, according to one serious-looking fisherman casting from the shore, “These big fish need their rest!” Never heard that one before ….

play area 1More about the lake in a moment. But have a look first at the playground area. Andrew Jackson has one of those sophisticated modern play areas: interesting enough to occupy the time of today’s short-attention-span children; while still maintaining their safety.

play area 2They are very expensive, I understand. And often require outside support to build. This one, as you see above, was built with the support of the John T. Stevens Foundation.

I asked Granddaughter Janie to give the play area an experienced test run. She concluded that it would be appropriate for children aged 3 and above. I pressed for an upper limit but got no response. See some video of her test run.

trail 1Be sure not to miss the walking/hiking trail around the lake when you visit Andrew Jackson State Park. It’s a delight. Smooth, well maintained, and “Geezer-Friendly,” as Chester State Park Manager John Wells would say.

trail 2It’s only about a mile all the way around the lake. But the trail runs through all sorts of scenery during that mile. Everything from mowed grassy lawn to swampy areas that require boardwalks for comfortable navigation.

trail 3The boardwalk area was especially interesting to me. Different kinds of vegetation; different species of wildlife. All comfortably accessed.

Here are a few of the Park’s permanent residents.

There’s much more to see here at Andrew Jackson State Park. So stay tuned.

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