Saturday, April 2, 2011

Andrew Jackson State Park, Lancaster County, South Carolina Part 2. RV Camping.

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site 15

Andrew Jackson State Park maintains a small but actively used RV campground. 25 sites in all, if memory serves.

After check-in at the office and a quick look around the museum and school house exhibits, I drove over to site # 15 to set up the Aliner.

another siteAs I mentioned in the last post, some of those 25 sites are paved; others are hard-packed earth. I selected # 15 because it is a pull-through, paved, with a nice view of the Park’s lake. More on that lake in a moment.

paved sitePull-through sites for me avoid the embarrassment of see-sawing back and forth for fifteen or twenty minutes to back the Aliner in. Small crowds sometimes gather to enjoy that spectacle. I’ve thought a time or two of offering popcorn and iced drinks ….

15 againSite # 15 required none of that. And anyway, when I arrived on Sunday afternoon, the 20th, there were few people around to watch. Only three or four of the other sites were occupied. Weekends see many more RV campers here.

bath houseSite # 15 was clean as a whistle when I arrived. As were all of the others I saw. And well maintained. Electrical and water connections both ready for hook-up. The bath house that you see above is of the early 1970s style [I think that’s when this style of bath house was built]. But well maintained outside and inside.

bath inside 1showerHere are a couple of inside shots of the men’s section for reference. All whistle-clean, including those white shower curtains that if not properly maintained can become moldy. None of that here.

surrounding woodsThe condition of the woods surrounding RV campground sites makes a difference in the overall appeal of the facility. Here at Andrew Jackson campers see either woods like those in the photo above. Or the lake.

lake from campgroundHere’s one view of the lake from near site # 15. 

lake islandThis isn’t a large lake. Only 18 acres, or so. But somehow it offers the visitor charming views. And, according to Park Manager Johnston [you’ve already been warned about Park Managers’ assessments of the fishing at their lakes … ] there are plenty of fish for the knowledgeable angler.

geesePlenty of geese and ducks here too. I was surprised not to find their droppings. Must be part of the clean-up detail. Signs at the bath house entrance ask campers not to feed them. But, judging from their behavior it’s a request often ignored. They’re great beggars.

Next, we’ll take a look at other recreation facilities here at Andrew Jackson State Park. Including the hiking trail, playground, and rental boats. So stay tuned.

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