Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sadlers Creek State Recreation Area, South Carolina. Part V. A Walk in the Park

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site 58 03Time today to meander around this beautiful Park. Sadlers Creek occupies what has to be some of South Carolina’s most desirable recreational real estate. Right on the shore of Lake Hartwell. Of course, officially it’s under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the State Park Service leases the land and facilities. But that’s not unusual, and hasn’t been a problem.

I’m certainly no park expert. Just an avid and frequent visitor of Parks around the State. But it certainly appears to this amateur eye that Sadlers Creek represents an opportunity for impressive returns from even modest additional investment.

It’s a delightful place to visit just as it is. But I’ll bet it could be even better with additional investment of funds for resource maintenance and enhancement. The Park already has an experienced, resourceful, and unusually dedicated Manager. One who’s demonstrated during his years at Sadlers Creek that he knows how to make every dollar received do the work of two dollars. All together, a great public investment opportunity once additional funds become available.

campground 2 roadHere’s the road leading out of Campground Number Two. We’ll pass the tent sites on the left and RV campsites with electricity and water on the right. Through a pretty wooded area. Until we reach the paved road.

Here’s a video look at some of the Park’s facilities in this area, including the recreation hall, another of those elaborate playground areas, a basketball court, and a baseball field that also serves at dusk as a cafeteria for the Park’s substantial herd of white-tailed deer.

The entrance to campground loop one is just down the road from here.

campground one entranceIt’s closed now for the winter. But will open again next season. There are a few choice lakeside sites in campground # 1 too. Reserve early! 

There you have it. I’m out of time. A few more of the many interesting things to see and experience here at Sadlers Creek State Recreation Area. Many thanks to Park Manager James Christie, Ranger Matthew, Miss Betty in maintenance, and Camp Host Mike, for a great visit. I hope to return in the near future.

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