Monday, October 25, 2010

Cheraw State Park and Golf Course, South Carolina. Part II The Golf Course Club House and Park Office

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across lake to officeUp fairly late this morning. Some of the weekday RV campers have arrived. But the campground remains very quiet. Weekday campers are a quiet lot, for the most part. So, great sleeping conditions. Even with the windows all open!

Cheraw Hyduke Interview Photos 03The NOAA emergency weather radio this morning mentioned a strong possibility of windy, rainy conditions. So, before all that started, I drove over to the golf clubhouse to ask Manager Brick Hyduke if I might travel the course in a golf cart later this week to take photos and video. He agreed, and we decided on Thursday afternoon when the weather is supposed to improve.

While there, I just had to take some more video of this remarkable Clubhouse building:

Since it wasn’t raining yet, I hurried over to the Park Office to take some more photos of the surroundings and to walk the boardwalk trail from the opposite direction.

Weather conditions deteriorated more quickly than I expected. Before I could set foot on the boardwalk, strong wind and big drops of rain drove me back to the car. Here’s a brief look at that attempt. Soooo, back to the car and then to the Aliner to wait out the weather. It was quite a wait!

Stay tuned, though. More to come in this series. Next is a quick visit to Cheraw, one of the most interesting towns in South Carolina.

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