Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Great Southeast American Indian Mound Tour of 2010. Part II

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Off this morning as planned around 9:15 a.m. Clear skies and about 65 degrees all the way to Macon, Georgia. And to campsite # 23 that I’d reserved in the Tobesofkee Recreation Area. More on the campground in a moment.

Travel time today was only 4 hours, 15 minutes. Not as long as expected. Though nearly all of the trip was along four-lane interstates. Not the most interesting type of highway to travel.

Main Sign The GPS had no difficulty this time finding our destination. Straight to the sign at the entrance to the Claystone area of this facility without a single misdirection.

Macon GA However, as you see on the map above, the Ocmulgee Mounds are on the other side of Macon from the Campground. Still, this lakeside campground makes the additional travel time well worth it.

Aliner Parked This is a far nicer Park than I expected. Right on the shore of Lake Tobesofkee. And, given the time of year, there was only one other RV in the whole Park.

Construction 1 Speaking of which, major renovations and improvements are under way here. Above you see the frame of what will become a new picnic table. The frame will surround a solid clay foundation that then will be surfaced with a pea gravel topping. Providing a weather-resistant area for a sturdy table and benches anchored in concrete. Done the way it should be!

Construction 2 Other areas of the campground are under even more extensive renovation. Here you see work on a prime lake view site that suffered weather damage in the recent past.

Park OfficeThe Tobesofkee Lake, and this Recreation Area, are owned and maintained by Bibbs County. Not state or national-level government! In spite of limited County resources, they’re undertaking renovations that will provide visitors with a beautiful facility for many years to come. A fine example for the custodians of our Parks and Recreation Areas around the country.

Off tomorrow to visit the Ocmulgee Mounds. So stay tuned!

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