Friday, January 8, 2010

Edisto Island, Part III. Interview with Colorado RV-er, Jimmy Moran

Click here to view Part I of this series.

High on the list of RV camping attractions is the opportunity to meet other campers. As you might expect, many, if not most, are people with interesting backgrounds and experiences. Talk about “been there; done that”!

I’ve gathered more useful information about RV-ing by talking with fellow RV-ers than from the long shelf of RV-related books at home and the internet combined.

Short audio interviews with some of those RV-ers from time to time should add interest to this blog. So it’s about time to start!

Jimmy and AlbertMr. Jimmy Moran was parked on Site # 60 in his Class C rig with a Colorado license plate when I was here early last month. He was still here when I arrived this time.

It’s unusual to see anyone here that long, since the Park System normally limits campground occupancy to fourteen days at a stretch. So I stopped by for a chat.

Albert Mr. Moran confirmed that he’s from Colorado. And that he’d been here at Edisto Beach State Park for nearly a month. He also introduced his traveling companion, Albert. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, called “Fat Albert” when he’s not listening!

Mr. Moran explained that four of the South Carolina coastal Parks recently instituted a one-month “Snowbird” camping permit during the winter months. He found this attractive deal on the internet, and decided to make the drive from Colorado to Edisto Beach State Park.

The “Snowbird” permit, he said, cost $300, plus taxes and reservation fees. It allows him to camp continuously at one of the four participating coastal Parks for a month. Though it’s not transferrable during that month to another Park.

Mr. Moran this morning was on his way to the Edisto Bookstore. But before leaving he kindly agreed to a short recorded interview.

We recorded the interview while sitting at the picnic table beside his rig, looking out over the Edisto Island marsh, supervised by Albert. So, click on the “go” triangle below to listen. If sound doesn't begin, click the volume icon just to the left of the "go" triangle and turn it up. Let me know if you have any difficulty with the file.


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