Thursday, February 19, 2009

Edisto Beach State Park, South Carolina

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The limited access road to the vacation cabins begins just after that parking area.

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These cabins are nothing fancy. But they're well maintained, and include all you'll need to spend a few days right beside the salt marsh, with your own dock on Scott Creek. I prefer our Little Tin House. But tastes vary.

Speaking of Scott Creek, drive back out to Route 174, turn left, and then left again in less than a mile into Palmetto Road. Keep left onto Oyster Row Lane, past the Interpretive Center mentioned above,

And you'll reach the Park's boat ramp on Scott Creek.

As the sign warns, the ramp is pretty steep at low tide. But it and the adjoining dock are well maintained, like the rest of the Park. A great place to launch a fishing boat or kayak.

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