Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Edisto Beach State Park, South Carolina

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Up early this morning, well before daylight. Well, that's not much of a challenge at this time of year. And over for a quick shower in the nearby bath house. It's a little chilly. Maybe even down to the low 50s! So, the automatic electric heaters near the showers are welcome. As is a respectable gush of hot water. These are good showers, clean, and well maintained. Then back to the Mobile Studio for a good breakfast and some writing.

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Today's sunrise wasn't all that impressive, truth be told. But here's a photo taken from this very spot last month that illustrates what it usually -- or at least, often -- looks like out across the Atlantic.

Now, for a country boy raised in the Northern Appalachian Mountains, who never saw the sea until he was 17 years old, that's some sight! And it's not at all unusual. Just one of the perks of parking the Mobile Studio here. And you were wondering why an otherwise normal person would visit the beach in the winter!

One problem with camping at Edisto Beach State Park is culinary. No matter how much food we bring, and how tasty that food is, there's a terrible temptation to jump in the car of a morning and drive out to one of the local restaurants for a diet-buster breakfast. Now, Edisto folks can cook! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It doesn't matter.

So, with family warnings of the dangers of over-eating ringing in my ears, off I drive to a nearby breakfast heaven for a great meal. The road out of the beachside campground parallels a marshy creek.

It's hard not to stop and admire the wildlife. Even with that great breakfast waiting. I never thought much of "marshes" before coming here. Thought they were just fancy swamps. Which we drained and tilled as soon as we could OverHome. Well, these salt marshes are much more than that.

A wild-life photographer could easily spend a day right in this one spot and not be disappointed.

This is Main's Market, right on Route 174, just a couple of miles from the campsite. The signs don't do justice to the food offered by proprietor Mr. Larry Main, and chef, Ms. Etta. Mr. Main cooks the meat and Ms. Etta does the rest. The combination is incredible. If, like me, you love collards, but don't order them in restaurants because they're always too salty, give Ms. Etta's collards a try. They are perfectly seasoned, and not too salty! Ms. Etta is very health-conscious, and all of her dishes reflect that concern.

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