Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hagood Mill Historic Site, Pickens, South Carolina

Driving around Pickens County yesterday, gathering background material for the third novel in the Ray Raether and Samantha RV Travel Mystery series, I came across the Hagood Mill Historic Site, just three miles north of the Town of Pickens. Don't know why I haven't been here before.
Prominent Pickens citizen James E. Hagood bought this property in 1825, and rebuilt this mill twenty years later. The wheel you see here is all wood, and operational. In fact, the Pickens Historical Society still grinds corn here one day a month.
There's much more here to see than the mill. The Historical Society volunteers provide all sorts of demonstrations. Even music! Click the link below for their Facebook page. More photos and news of upcoming events.

And here for their newly designed website.

Pickens County Historical Society

When you visit be sure to take time to see this collection of millstones. Remarkable.


  1. It was extremely nice to meet you yesterday. I never fail to me amazed at the quality of folks my kids and I have met visiting the mill. Thanks for the conversation and good luck with your next book. I've read the introduction to "Death, Long Long Ago" and it sounds like it is going to be a very good read. Oh, and may I wish you the best with nailing down our dialect.
    Take care,
    Terry, Grace and Nicholas

    1. Thanks for the note, Terry. Nice to meet you, Grace, and Nicholas. Thanks for the time and information.