Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Laura’s Tea Room Gets Better and Better!

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Yesterday my wife and I drove to Ridgeway, South Carolina, for one of Laura’s Tea Room’s famous high teas. It turned out to be the best yet. During the four years since Carol and Kelly re-opened The Thomas Company they’ve made lots of changes. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the quality of their teas and food.
01 second floor
This is a quick snap of the second-floor tea room from our table next to the exposed original brick wall. I mean!
02 Table for Two
And here’s a table for two just like ours but next to the front wall with its huge windows overlooking Ridgeway’s Palmer Street. Everything you need to enjoy a real cup of tea. Right down to the napkin holders. This is a charming room.
Here’s a view of the mezzanine from the second floor. Ladies can choose one of those fancy hats on the way to the dining room if they’re so inclined.
03 mezzanine
Best not to ask how many brands, or even types, of tea Carol & Co. serve here. The list goes on and on. Something for every palate. From good solid English breakfast tea, brewed and served properly, to unusual flavored varieties. Like iced and sweetened pomegranate green. “Pomegranate Green”??? Well, it was excellent. And I never drink flavored teas.
Click this link,, to sign up for Carol’s excellent newsletters. Carol’s posts will make your day. Every issue a different theme. AND, she lets us know about special events and even discounted specials through the newsletter. Wish I could write like that!
Oh, and speaking of food, here’s a short video of what we had to eat during our last visit. Just too much to describe in words. Enjoy.

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