Monday, August 19, 2013

Paris Mountain State Park


There’s the Aliner and its new tow vehicle. On campsite number 20 here at Paris Mountain State Park. This site has a moderate slope downhill. But in compensation, it’s a pull-through. And, like the rest of the sites at this campground, paved. We’ve had a lot of rain last night and this morning. Even the best dirt-gravel sites would have to be muddy by now. Not here, fortunately.


Here is a view of some more of these paved sites just up the road. According to the Camp Host, nearly all of them were occupied through Sunday. This is a popular Park. Both for camping and for day use.

I know; I know. Real campers don’t need paved sites. But it sure makes a difference when it’s raining so hard frogs seek shelter in the trees! Fortunately, yesterday the rain held off until I got set up outside.

20130819_120154I’ve done several articles on this Park, so no need for general description today. But here’s an interesting new feature. Technology facilitating enjoyment of nature. Snap a photo of any of these images and you have a guided tour of some aspect of the Park right on your smartphone. Haven’t tried it yet but hope to before leaving.


Here’s an example of older technology. An early charcoal kiln, right here in the campground. I hope to learn more about this feature, and about the small cemetery discovered nearby, before leaving. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

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