Monday, October 22, 2012

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock is another of those South Carolina mountain state parks that amaze first-time visitors. Especially those from afar [that’s the polite way to say “… from off … “] whose image of South Carolina combines the I-95 interstate corridor with the Myrtle Beach boardwalk.

Table Rock Lodge View

We began last Monday with the CCC-built Table Rock Lodge. Recently renovated and maintained in pristine condition. If you visit on a day it hasn’t been rented out for a wedding or corporate meeting, be sure to walk around to the back and enjoy the views from the lower and upper porches. Those rocking chairs actually are comfortable!

View of Table Rock From Road

We then drove the Park’s winding road, stopping here and there to enjoy the views. Here’s the “table” and “stool” from a convenient overlook. Think what that will look like in ten days or so, when the leaves have turned!

I could go on and on about Table Rock State Park. And have! Several times! But it’s all true. If you haven’t visited this part of South Carolina be sure to include it in your next trip agenda. You won’t be disappointed.

Off to Cheraw State Park again next trip.

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