Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hammond School’s Celebration of the 50 American States

Yesterday we attended a performance of “The Fifty Nifty,” Hammond School’s fourth grade celebration of the American States. It was a great event! Genuine entertainment.

Every Hammond fourth grader was on stage. Each had a speaking part. Costumes ranged from subtle to elaborate. Even the Empire State Building was represented! Lots of fun.

The performers all had a great time. But the serious looks on the faces of those awaiting their turns at the microphone showed how determined these fourth graders were to turn in good performances. “The Nifty Fifty” soared well above dry memorization of state capitals!

04 Hammond TVClick the photo above to see the final rehearsal of this extravaganza, courtesy of Hammond School TV.

As all of you with children and/or grandchildren know, these programs don’t just happen. They require an enormous amount of work from both students and faculty. Thanks to all for a delightful afternoon.

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