Thursday, January 19, 2012

Return to Hunting Island State Park

01 HI campsite

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Yes, yes; I know. I’ve visited here before. Many times before. But, really, who can blame me. Hunting Island is one of the most attractive Parks in the whole State system.

moon wavesMore objectively, it’s the busiest, most visited Park in the System. Earning revenue well beyond its costs, revenue that helps to support many other South Carolina State Parks. I find it especially appealing as an RV camping destination during the winter months when it isn’t quite as busy. Even in the dead of winter, though, it’s busy enough.

If you want one of the oceanfront campsites, like the one you see in the photo at the top, you’d better plan months in advance. Even throughout the winter. They fill up quickly.

Speaking of Hunting Island’s oceanfront campsites, if you haven’t visited for a while, be sure to confirm that your favorite oceanfront site still exists. Or that it hasn’t been renumbered.

shore sites fenceLong-time visitors may remember the beautiful sites on the ocean side of the road that were numbered, if memory serves, in the 50s. Where the red arrow points on the map above. Well, as you can see, they no longer exist.

The shoreline of Hunting Island changes constantly, some times faster than at other times. And you see the result. Still, though, quite a few RV campsites at Hunting Island with ocean views remain.

lighthouse 1This trip we’ll re-visit the Hunting Island Light House, climb to the top, in fact, and talk briefly with Hank, who was substituting as Light House Tender when I arrived.

trail 01Then we’ll drive over for a hike, or walk, on the Lagoon Trail. The nicest Park hiking trail I’ve found so far.

atkins 01Finally, we’ll talk with Park Manager Jeff Atkins, who will tell us more about his Park than is available from all of the brochures and literature.

So, stay tuned, and click the link below for a visit to South Carolina’s most famous lighthouse.

Click here for the Lighthouse visit

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