Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Visit to the Town of Cheraw and Cheraw State Park

02 Campsite 14

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This week I parked the Mobil Studio again at Cheraw State Park. Right on # 14. The one you see above. It’s a pull-through site, which simplifies parking. And, if approached from the wrong direction, once situated, it offers an ideal view of the Park’s Lake while sitting at the computer.

mapNearly the whole drive to Cheraw from Columbia was along the celebrated Route One. No wonder books have been written about this road. It’s even inspired web sites. [click the underlined link] Social and natural scenery combine to entertain the alert driver from beginning to end. Next time you visit South Carolina I recommend a drive along Route One as a fairly comprehensive introduction to this part of the State. The Upcountry and Lowcountry, of course, will require separate trips.

I planned this visit to write about the Town of Cheraw rather than about Cheraw State Park. But look at that sunset! How can anyone help but put in a few words about such a beautiful piece of country. I found the Campground, and the rest of the Park, for that matter, in spic-n-span condition. What a difference a dedicated, omni-capable, hard-working Camp Host can make. Mr. Gene is out and around from morning until night. He even helps late-arriving RV-ers after dark.

I was busy most of the week in Cheraw. But I couldn’t resist a few hikes around the Park between trips to town. Here’s just one example of the improvements that Park Manager Mark and his crew have made since my last visit.

Click on the photo above for a better view of this volleyball court. Two metal posts, solid enough to support the tightly stretched net, and a clean sand surface. I can imagine that Park visitors actually play volleyball here! In contrast to some of the less impressive courts at other Parks.

Lots more improvements here at Cheraw State Park, but it’s well past time to turn to the nearby Town of Cheraw. Just five miles away, making Cheraw State Park an ideal base for your visit.

05 cabin insideIf you don’t have an RV yet, you might try renting one of the Park’s eight cabins. They’re popular with folks coming to play the Park’s championship golf course. But with a little advance notice, reservations are available. And they’re only $66 or so a night at this time of year. Not bad when everything but your food is provided! That even includes satellite TV! Still, I prefer the Mobile Studio...

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