Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Nature Center at Hunting Island State Park

Nature Center Main Sign

Here again this week at Hunting Island State Park, near Beaufort, South Carolina. One of the most popular Parks in the whole State system. Lots to see here. This Park is an especially nice destination for day visitors interested in the natural environment of this part of South Carolina.

Bridge to Fripp Island 2I completed an interview on Fripp Island [more on that in a later post] earlier than expected this morning. Then decided while driving back over the bridge to stop for a few minutes before lunch at the Park’s Nature Center. Hadn’t visited for a couple of years.

Nature Center Building From Back

Nature Center DoorwayHunting Island’s Nature Center building is nicely maintained, but nothing very special when viewed from the outside.

View of Nature Center PierWell, with the exception of this long wooden pier out back, with its benches, fishing stations, and informative signs.

Oyster Info Sign

Inside was another matter entirely. It was immediately obvious that lots of work has gone into renovating and upgrading the Center’s many displays. Staff members in attendance too were welcoming and informative.

Nature Center Display UpkeepIn spite of having complex exhibits to maintain. Exhibits that because of their accessibility require lots of attention.

Here’s a short video that presents some of the things you’ll find at this impressive facility:

Thanks again to Interpretive Ranger Mitchell Helms and his enthusiastic staff for taking the time to show me around. I look forward to a return visit in early March.

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  1. Excellent video, very informative.

  2. Looks like a successor to Charles Kurault ("On The Road") has been found!