Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kings Mountain State Park, South Carolina. Part VI Visit to CCC-Built Facilities in the Park

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Today’s the last full day at Kings Mountain State Park. It will be good to get back home. But there’s so much more here to see! I’ll begin with a short drive from the campsite over to the CCC-built Bath House beside Lake Crawford.

lake crawford Lake Crawford, I’m told, was designed for swimming, and therefore is relatively shallow except near the old diving platform. Lake York, on the other side of the Park, is much larger and deeper.

Swimming up until the mid-1970s, as in other state parks, was one of the most popular activities here at Kings Mountain. Which explains the large parking areas near the entrance to the old Bath House.

shelter 01 Stepping out of the car with cameras and tripods, CCC-built Shelter Number One caught my eye. I hadn’t noticed it before. The CCC built dozens, if not hundreds, of these shelters throughout South Carolina during the 1930s and early 1940s. This shelter, though, was unusual in design. Have a closer look by clicking the window below. Click once to play the video in the window on this page, and twice to go to the YouTube site for a larger view. Even full-screen! 

bath house 02 Then on to the Bath House. Truth be told, the bath house building itself isn’t all that impressive for me. Probably I just don’t know enough about 1930s architecture to appreciate it. It seems solid and functional. And certainly has potential for renovation.

bath house 01 But the stone work surrounding the bath house is spectacular. From the steps leading down from the parking lot to the front of the building, to the the terrace and steps leading down to the lake at the rear. Even I can see the potential of this site! What a facility it could become. Perhaps even more impressive than the renovated bath house at Poinsett State Park. Click the window below for a short video.

So there you have it. Two more interesting sights here at Kings Mountain State Park. There are many more. I’ve only been able to scratch the surface. But today’s the last full day. Kings Mountain is another of those Parks on the “must return” list.

Thanks again to Park Manager Shea Joyner and his colleagues here for a wonderful visit. You folks have a great facility.

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