Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dillsboro Pottery Festival, Part III. The Festival!

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Well breakfasted, we walked across the railroad tracks to the Festival ticket counter on Front Street.

Show Gate The weather was perfect for an outdoors event such as this. Warm, sunny, but not oppressively hot. A light breeze. And that incredible Carolina blue sky you see at the top of the photo above.

Front Street Booths chuck-full of pottery lined Dillsboro’s Front Street from one end to the other. Nearly every one filled with fascinating examples of the potters’ art. Here are just a few examples:

Display 1 Display 2 Display 3 Display 4 Display 5 Display 6 Display 7These aren’t presented, now, as the best of show, or anything like that. Such judgments would be well beyond my capabilities. I took dozens of photos, as you might imagine. Some turned out; some didn’t.

Those above are selected to illustrate the remarkable diversity of styles displayed at this show. Interesting things being created in these Carolina mountains. Anything you might imagine in the way of pottery. There was more to see. That’ll have to wait, for the next post.

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