Thursday, October 29, 2009

Modoc COE Campground. Part III

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Tuesday, as forecast, it rained like the dickens. Beginning late Monday night. So, Tuesday turned into an in-Aliner day. With a quick car trip planned to visit one of the local museums if the rain let up in the afternoon.

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Rain Front Maybe it’s a syndrome found only among former tent campers. But for some reason, I really enjoy rainy days and nights in the Aliner.

Rain Side Could it be those memories we all have of soggy tent floors and gear? Leaking seams? Wet-to-soaking bedding? Compared with protection from all that by the solid walls, floor, and roof of the Aliner? Including all the heat, cooling, and ventilation anyone could desire?

Rain on LakeThough we’re still able to watch the rain and wind brush their fleeting designs across the surface of the lake? Must be something like that. Well, that and the nice sound the rain makes on the solid roof.

Plans changed suddenly later in the morning. With a phone call from home that required me to leave Modoc for one night to attend to family events.

Sunset Wednesday 1 That attended to, I returned to Modoc and the Aliner late Wednesday afternoon. No more rain. But the partly cloudy sky made for a beautiful sunset not long after arrival.

Sunset Wednesday 2 Folks with cottages and houses here on the lake must get used to such displays. Or require a real corker of a sunset to coax them out onto their porches. For me, though, only an occasional visitor, the sunsets have been a nightly treat.

If you look closely at the first sunset photo above you’ll see the faint outlines of an interesting presence right on the tip of the other peninsula of this COE campground. A triangular shape.

That’s site # 11, the only “primitive” campsite in the park. Which means no electrical hookup or water. We’ll find out more about that unusual shape in the next post. So stay tuned.

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